New article about the CSA initiative at Navadarshanam, South India

Just a quick note to point you to an article I wrote earlier this year for the two-year anniversary of the Community-Supported Agriculture initiative at Navadarshanam in Bangalore:

The long breath that Navadarshanam Trust has had in setting up and working with the farmers’ and workers’ cooperative has really paid off, transforming the lives of the members in the village and now also helping urban consumer members to lead healthier lives and connect to the origin of their day-to-day sustenance in a meaningful way.

In 2021, I received an update in the Navadarshanam newsletter sharing that the program was progressing well, with more interest from potential members as well as more small organic farmers wanting to join the supply side. One interesting and encouraging trend during the Covid pandemic seen by CSAs and veg box schemes all over the world has been that people appreciate their weekly supply of groceries, fruits and vegetables more than ever before.

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